Born in a family of musicians Milena Ivanova begins attending piano lessons at the age of three, with her mother as her first mentor. She receives her secondary education at ‘Lubomir Pipkov’ National School of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria, specializing in the piano department to later graduate from the New Bulgarian University, majoring in Jazz and Contemporary Pop Music, from Angel Zaberski’s class. She simultaneously graduates from a vocal improvisation and interpretation Master Class, led by the renowned Bulgarian jazz pianist and composer Prof. Milcho Leviev. For a period of time she becomes an apprentice of the American jazz vocalist and pianist Scotty Wright in Beijing, China. Since her early teenage years Milena composes and performs her original music in the melancholic, melody-based, acoustic Indiе style. The song "Vremenno" from the debut album "Slyapo ogledalo" reaches the first place in the "National Music Chart for Self-Produced Artists" as soon as it enteres in May 2022, and few months later Milena wins the Annual Music Awards of the same chart in the female vocal category for 2022.